Thursday, July 15, 2010 / Posted by Muhammad Danny /

9.48pm.. Home sweet home..

"Good morning, thank you for calling HSBC.
This is Danny speaking.
May I have your full name and your credit card number please?"

This is the script I go through everyday..
It would be 25-30 times per day..
And the best part is, I enjoy doing so..

I will wake up as early as 6.15 am..
Take my bath and perform my prayers, out by 6.45am..
7.10am I will depart the bus and arrive at office by 7.45..
Hexagon Lounge would be the next destination where I will be sleeping up to 8.45am..

6pm sharp, I will be rushing to catch the bus..
Love to seat at a spot where 4 seats are facing each other..
Place my leg on the chair, there comes the dream.. Yeay!!

Daily routine I'm going through day by day..
Monday to Saturday perhaps..
I only rest at home on Sundays..
But Sundays I will be busy with my personal life..
Need to go here and there..
Up and down, left and right..

At first, I was scared and afraid of doing mistakes in this job..
As time passes by, I just don't see mistakes as mistakes..
As people usually say, its all part of learning..

However, I always prefer my campus life..
Surrounded by my 'kids'..
Calling and greeting me 'abg' all the time..
Asking and questioning on everything that they are not sure..
Seriously, I really miss them so much..

Convo is just around the corner..
So excited to walk on stage even though it will be less then a minute..
Hope to meet peers and friends that had been separated for 2 months also..
Hope to meet lecturers and officers that had thought me a lot since day 1..

My life is great..
I'm enjoying it even though there are times I feel down..
The best place to lepak is always the surau..
You guys will never believe who uses the surau..

I see my seniors with long and dyed hair..
I see guys with breast and hills..
Yess!! Shocked and stunned when I first saw that..

Friends out there,
life is fun if we know how to utilize it..
It would be better if we know the purpose of it..
Way better if we know what we are doing and have a destiny..
I'm enjoying it and I hope you guys are the same to..
Best of luck..



Comment by miaishika on July 16, 2010 at 7:44 PM

gudlux abg danny~~~success in your life k~~~
we miss u 2.....huhuhu

Comment by zhyne on September 15, 2010 at 2:38 AM

great & superb penulisan!
hahaha =)

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