Thursday, July 01, 2010 / Posted by Muhammad Danny /

8.43pm.. Umah..

Phewh.. Hows life??
Penat.. Tensen.. Nyampah.. Geram..
Pagi2 kena bangun awal, n naik bus kul 7..
Balik kerja, kena berkejar g tk solat Asar..
Then sampai umah kul 7.15 malam..
This happens from Monday to Saturday..

Tapi ak selalu cakap kat diri sndri,
"This is all part of life..
Cne sush sekalipn, ak kena lalui..
Ak nk berjaya, ak kena usaha sndri"

There are times that I gave up..
I told my self, no way I will be coming to work tomorrow..
I convince my self by doing that, I correct..
But i never got the guts to do so..

There are times I feel like crying as loud as I can..
And that is when I will start talking to my self..
Blogging in my heart.. Pouring it out in words..

But than, for the sake of my future, I'm striving to the max..
I try to concentrate as much as I could while in classroom-training..
I ask as much as I could while on the floors with Senior's..
I pick enquiries even though I'm not allowed to do so..

Arghhhh.. Life isn't easy now..
I try not to spent on breakfast + brunch + tea time..
I only have lunch as much as I could during lunch time..
Feels like crying when thinking about it back..

Convo is just around the corner..
Would need to pay for the fee..
Would need to meet my Junior's..
Would need to hang up with friends..

Ramadhan is just around the next junction..
Breaking-fast ramai2 would be lovely but costly..
Eating till the max would be lust-ty but wasting..
Starving would be economic but you know what..

Syawal is up next after Ramadhan..
Clothes would be a burden for me..
I'm working, tradition needs me to give duit raya [ikhlas]
May need to travel up and down accross town..

Really hope everyone would understand what I'm going through now..
Will love to hang out with you guys, just need to find a perfect time..
Still collecting money..
Perhaps this month's bonus might ease all burdens coming up..



Comment by ST_one on July 1, 2010 at 10:33 PM

i like this:
"This is all part of life..
Cne sush sekalipn, ak kena lalui..
Ak nk berjaya, ak kena usaha sndri"

You can do it, good luck!

Comment by .:padie_eyla:. on July 1, 2010 at 10:33 PM

be strong bro~!

Comment by yoro okino on July 1, 2010 at 11:13 PM

life is hard if u think its hard..=)

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