Happy At The Moment

Saturday, September 27, 2008 / Posted by Muhammad Danny /

woke up 4 sahur today.. and i was happy after my subuh prayers..
i was browsing on ma frens frenster.. i noticed that ma frens were supportive..
they just need me 2 change.. i smiled while looking their pics..
i miss them so much.. happy looking at their smiles.. looking at their laugh..
there were pictures where we we in d same program.. happy 2 c their smiles..
hope everything wud b great after raya.. as more n more obstacles are turning up..
hope ma frens wud always b wit me.. guide me in handling everything..
its no that i rely on them 100%, but than its fun when u have frens by ur side all d time..
privacy?? u dont nid them when u r happy wit others..
annoyed?? absolutely not.. that is what frens are for.. too make u feel great wit them

guys n gals out there..
look 4 frens whom are great..
i found mine.. not only frens, bt i have them as my bro,, lil bro, sis n even lil sis..
frens who are there when u have probs.. n aren't there when u r easy..
well frankly speaking.. its difficult to maintain a good relationship..
no harm 2 sacrifice at the beggining 4 d future..
ive done wit ma frens.. i njoy having as part of ma life..
burden?? never n never.. y?? look at how i njoy life..
i do have probs, bt than i have them 2 help me out..
i do quarrel wit the, bt its 4 ma own good..
they made me a better person.. huhu..

thanks 2 ma frens.. who?? think 4 ur self..
1 think.. treasure ur frens from ur heart..
treat them as if they are part of u..
care 4 them as if its ur heart..

bubai.. wanna wash ma car.. coz ma frens never help me wash ma car.. hahaha(joking)
going 2 college latter on.. have sum work 2 setel on..
missing ma frens when they r not around..
salam n regards..