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The World's Local Bank?

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The clock shows 11.38pm..

I'm in my room alone as the others are with their respective computer/laptop..

Felt like blogging [in FB] updates for my working life.

2 days back, I had completed 6 months serving Singapore Credit Call Center for HSBC..

A call center environment and also attending Singaporeans as your client is a no way describable here..

There are times I just feel like crying and shout out loud..

There are times I really feel like walking out the building without giving a damn to the compensation..

But there are things stopping me on to do so. What? Is the bond created and established there..

An environment where you have colleagues that are superb-ly fun and supporting..

Frankly speaking, I feel the bored-ness of doing the same thing all day long..

For 7.5 hours, you will be repeating the same thing again and again..

Having said that I never sat down quiet during University time, this is surely killing me..

Its not that the job-scope is difficult, its way to easy answering all the enquiries..

Imagine, they can call just to ask for a number.. Calling in just to ask when its already clearly stated..

Phewh.. Don't they have any better things to do rather than waiting at the line?

Quiting the job? Kinda difficult to decide.. I've a few interview that I've declined..

I feel easy having part of the management that are friendly..

Not to forget my Trainer's and also Mentor's [will never forget this 4 people]..

The only thing that I enjoy while working now is when I need to do calculation..

When they call in to argue why are they being charged..

When they try to deny the fact that the are in the wrong..

I have to admit there are times a loss my patience..

You start to be sarcastic and also cynical..

But then, calls are recorded! There's always a limitation on what we do..

Will I go if I get a better job? Too early to decide..

At this point of time, I just don't see myself in a call center environment..

I really love to run with a walkie talkie and being scolded straight at the face..

Head sets and tele-communication is not my cup of tea..

How about things I like and appreciate there?

Getting a part is just part of life..

It might be an end to a friendship.. And also a start to a new journey..

What comes has to go.. Nothing remains forever.. This is life cycle..

Just hope not to give any 24-hours notice to tender..

Will like to walkout the building with dignity..

If you come in clean, you go out clean..

If they had welcomed you, make sure they say goodbye as well..



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Its 1.47 am now.. And I'm fresh as I just got up from sleep a moment ago..

Missing college so much and really feels like being a student again..

The days where people greet you everyday and all the time..

The days where your juniors come to you and chit chat all night long..

The days where you stay up till the next morning discussing on plans and also ideas..

But, those were the days where I was still a student..

My first year started with the NC's Cup Malay Debate competition..

Then the 'role-play' of the facilitators during 'Malam PC Merajuk'..

Started being and emcee for the Dinner with College Principal ie Prof Dr Yahaya Ibrahim..

I was then asked to represent KPZ in the English Debate Team..

Merdeka was next where by I joined 3 different organisation organizing on the same purpose..

Jamuan Raya with Deco bersama Hajar dan Danny and me being an emcee.. [Yess. A horrible one perhaps]

Minggu ICT and Akademik where I was forced to enter the debate team and was being ousted as an emcee..

KAPREZA was the biggest event that I had ever joined with the highest position I ever held..

Ended my first year with Malam Tinta Kasih Za'ba being an emcee..

2nd year was the toughest I can say..

Having in mind that I hold a big responsible, I had to be careful in every step I take..

Being a YDP at that point of time was among the best thing in life..

But due to that, I was so stressed out to maintain and uphole the good name of it..

2nd year started with MMP for the juniors of batch 2008/2009..

Then we had ESZ in less than 14 days of preparation..

Memorandum for the college was also being presented at that point of time.. [Half way]

SUKEM was a terrible pain on me as I was the so called runner for jamuan..

Then it was Merdeka where I had low blood pressure during the celebration.

Jamuan Hari Raya was among the best as we brought up a setting of a house.. [did it w/o confidence]

Perkampungan KAPREZA holds a memory by its own.. We fought.. We quarreled.. We unite..

Not to forget, we went to Perlis with under Kak Huda's program for a jalan-jalan.. [Lol]

Himpunan Sejuta Tandatangan was the best!! I gained most of my skills here.. I love travelling and planning..

Then it was Etiket where that was the first program held outside of the college.. And yess.. Victory!!

KAPREZA'09 came in with tan's of problems and circumstances but was successful.. [You never know what have we gone thru]

MAGIZ was my last activity and was being presented with a token of appreciation for becoming the YDP..

3rd year was supposed to be the so called 'study' year.. Haha..

I was still busy 'training' and 'coaching' my juniors..

I told my self, no way I will leave them alone.. I felt it when my seniors refuse to help [due to my attitude]

I guided them as much as I could..

I taught them as much as I could..

I lectured them as if they were my own flesh and blood..

Whats the best program for me in 3 year??

Of course KAPREZA will be in the list..

The crowd was owesome.. The activities held was well organized..

But sadly to say, there were too much problem arosed from KAPREZA..

Too much politicking perhaps..

MAGIZ was great..

Preparation was on a extremely last minute basis..

I have to admire the settings and also the decoration brought up..

But it was tarnished due to the 'not-happy-ending-meeting'.. [I shall save my thoughts on this]

I have to say that I love Jamuan Raya the most..

Why?? The kampung-house setting stand still all nigh long!!

The decoration they added made it so real that I was so reluctant when they were to bringing it down..

AJK wise, Jamuan Raya has so much to improve on..

But on others, round of applause on it,,

3rd year was a fun year..

Not to mention on the activities it self, the juniors were fun..

And yes, I got engaged during my 6th semester..

The best part is, me and my fiancée were all the time in the activities organized..

And that is how we fall in love and get to know on each other..

I have to say, even though we quarrel often in meeting not agreeing on each other, that happen to be how we date each other..

Really hope that KPZ will always suceed in every single thing they do..

Yes, I have to agree that not everyone are winners... But then, always strive to the max to win..

The seniors have played their roles and part to bring up the name..

Its now time to maintain and uphold the good name of it..

Put aside the differences among you guys..

Unite and perform rather that separate and backstab..

Whats the point becoming part of the college but not giving anything back??..

Stop politicking.. Stop the assabiyah.. Stop the nonsense..

The college need you guys to unite.

The college need you guys to uphold its name..

The college need you guys to become as a family..

If people are stopping you guys to unite, kick them aside [Yes.. this apply to me also!]

If there happen to be backstabber among you guys, kick him aside..

Unite for the sake of goodness and not for a tittle at the end of the day..

Brothers and sisters who accepts and treats me as your own Brother..

Bare in mind, we the seniors are always there when needed..

A simple SMS or chat will make our way there..

Kill the ego that is in the heart..

Muhammad Danny wrote this note hoping that his brothers and sisters will understand..

Good luck guys..


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Its 3.27 am now..

I'm in my Lil Sis room..
Camping here as my aircond has been down for weeks.. [Yess.. I'm annoyed with this]

Hows life now??
Phewh.. There are parts where I enjoy it..
There are times I really feel like crying and jumping down the building..

[1] The World's Local Bank.
I don't see my self in this place for long..
Headsets, communication via phone, desk..
Is so not me and how I was back in university..

Would love to get a new job..
Where by it will be done with heart..
Its about walkie talkie. Running up and down. Being scolded right on the face..
This is my life and how I was thought through out university..

One simple decision, has plenty-ness of backup plans..
Every decision made must have its justification then and then..
Every idea must have its pro's and con's being discussed thoroughly..
And at the end of the day, what ever happens, is a no turn back..

[2] Getting Maried
Its not easy as you guys think..
I'm ready mentally to become a husband and a father..
But on certain areas, is a no way to be discussed here..

Preparation is like going on..
Discussion on so called both sides is going on..
Financial wise?? Phewh.. Any sugar mummy on the floor?? Lol..

Shall not advise further on this issue..
Just to sensitive to be discussed publicly..

Will update more latter on..
Have tans to be shared..
But sometime heart-blogging is the best way..
And yes, I enjoy sleeping now..


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9.48pm.. Home sweet home..

"Good morning, thank you for calling HSBC.
This is Danny speaking.
May I have your full name and your credit card number please?"

This is the script I go through everyday..
It would be 25-30 times per day..
And the best part is, I enjoy doing so..

I will wake up as early as 6.15 am..
Take my bath and perform my prayers, out by 6.45am..
7.10am I will depart the bus and arrive at office by 7.45..
Hexagon Lounge would be the next destination where I will be sleeping up to 8.45am..

6pm sharp, I will be rushing to catch the bus..
Love to seat at a spot where 4 seats are facing each other..
Place my leg on the chair, there comes the dream.. Yeay!!

Daily routine I'm going through day by day..
Monday to Saturday perhaps..
I only rest at home on Sundays..
But Sundays I will be busy with my personal life..
Need to go here and there..
Up and down, left and right..

At first, I was scared and afraid of doing mistakes in this job..
As time passes by, I just don't see mistakes as mistakes..
As people usually say, its all part of learning..

However, I always prefer my campus life..
Surrounded by my 'kids'..
Calling and greeting me 'abg' all the time..
Asking and questioning on everything that they are not sure..
Seriously, I really miss them so much..

Convo is just around the corner..
So excited to walk on stage even though it will be less then a minute..
Hope to meet peers and friends that had been separated for 2 months also..
Hope to meet lecturers and officers that had thought me a lot since day 1..

My life is great..
I'm enjoying it even though there are times I feel down..
The best place to lepak is always the surau..
You guys will never believe who uses the surau..

I see my seniors with long and dyed hair..
I see guys with breast and hills..
Yess!! Shocked and stunned when I first saw that..

Friends out there,
life is fun if we know how to utilize it..
It would be better if we know the purpose of it..
Way better if we know what we are doing and have a destiny..
I'm enjoying it and I hope you guys are the same to..
Best of luck..



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8.43pm.. Umah..

Phewh.. Hows life??
Penat.. Tensen.. Nyampah.. Geram..
Pagi2 kena bangun awal, n naik bus kul 7..
Balik kerja, kena berkejar g tk solat Asar..
Then sampai umah kul 7.15 malam..
This happens from Monday to Saturday..

Tapi ak selalu cakap kat diri sndri,
"This is all part of life..
Cne sush sekalipn, ak kena lalui..
Ak nk berjaya, ak kena usaha sndri"

There are times that I gave up..
I told my self, no way I will be coming to work tomorrow..
I convince my self by doing that, I correct..
But i never got the guts to do so..

There are times I feel like crying as loud as I can..
And that is when I will start talking to my self..
Blogging in my heart.. Pouring it out in words..

But than, for the sake of my future, I'm striving to the max..
I try to concentrate as much as I could while in classroom-training..
I ask as much as I could while on the floors with Senior's..
I pick enquiries even though I'm not allowed to do so..

Arghhhh.. Life isn't easy now..
I try not to spent on breakfast + brunch + tea time..
I only have lunch as much as I could during lunch time..
Feels like crying when thinking about it back..

Convo is just around the corner..
Would need to pay for the fee..
Would need to meet my Junior's..
Would need to hang up with friends..

Ramadhan is just around the next junction..
Breaking-fast ramai2 would be lovely but costly..
Eating till the max would be lust-ty but wasting..
Starving would be economic but you know what..

Syawal is up next after Ramadhan..
Clothes would be a burden for me..
I'm working, tradition needs me to give duit raya [ikhlas]
May need to travel up and down accross town..

Really hope everyone would understand what I'm going through now..
Will love to hang out with you guys, just need to find a perfect time..
Still collecting money..
Perhaps this month's bonus might ease all burdens coming up..



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8.12pm.. Depan Pusat pengajian..

Skang nga tunggu LDCA (maybe ratna x join) tk study grup..
Sok ad paper Politik Asia Tenggara tapi kitaorg wat cm xd paper jek..

Ye.. ak dh sgt2 lama x hapdet blog..
Cm ak slalu ckp ah, ak dh ad cara tk setelkan masalah ak sndri..
Kalu ak x bercerita kat org, ak blogging dlm ati sndri2..
Ad kala ak naik moto smbil cakap sorng2..
Ad kala ak cakap tyme mandi cm org gila..
Tyme tdo pn ak leh cakap sndri2..
N ak mesti menitik air mata bila jadi cm 2..

Life skang alhamdulillah..
Wlpn ak slalu dikacau oleh mereka2 yg ak kira agak cemburu..
Yang xleh nk tgk ak happy tk mendirikan rumah tangga..
Yess.. Ak akan berkahwin x lama lagi ngan cinta hati ku..
Siyesly, ak xleh bayangkn idop kalu kawen ngan org len..
Bukn ak pernah bayangkn dy atas katil atau bogel..
Tapi ak cuma cm x sanggup nk habiskn masa ngan org len..
Ak nk ad anak2 skali ngan dy..
N sama2 belajar tk menerima segala kesilapan..

Dari pihak ak, yer ak banyak wat salah.
Selalu sgt2 ak abaikn perasaan dy..
Selalu sgt2 ak x amik tau sal ap yg dy nak..
Selalu sgt2 ak pentingkn org len..
Tapi dlm ati ak, ak tau dy sgt2 sayangkn ak.. [menitik sat jek!!]

Org kata kahwin i2 satu tanggungjawab yg besar..
Ak x nafikan.. X pernah sekalipn nafikan..

Org kata bila dh kawen, nanti akn ad banyak mslh..
I2 kn kitaran idop.. Xleh nk nafikn gak..

Org kata ak x sesuai ngan dy sebb ak api, n dy pn api..
Xleh nk nafikn.. sebb i2 sememangnya ye..
2 2 pemimpin.. 2 2 ad ide.. Xkn leh halang..

Tapi ap pn org kata, ak akn jadi suami dan bapa yg terbaik pernh ad atas muka bumi ny..
Ak xkn buktikan ap2..
Sebb bila kita nk buktikn, maksudnye kita terpaksa..
Biar ianya dtg dari hati dan diterima dengan hati..
Kan itu lebih senang dari meletakan satu kayu ukur tk dituruti..

Kalau pn dy wat salah, ak ase xd yang ak leh marah..
Sebb silap ak jauh lagi banyak..
Tapi ap kan daya, kadang2 ak emo x bertempat..
Ego melampau2.. Akal ntah kemana.. Tindakan ntah hape2..
Tapi ak sedar akn kekhilafan ak..

X kesah ap org nk kata..
X heran ap org nk kutuk..
X pedulik ap org nk doakn..
Ak sayang dy.. Ak nk ngan dy..
Sebb dy sayang ak..

I lahp hyu sayang..
p/s- i x nk hapload gambo.. gagagagaga..