The World's Local Bank?

Thursday, December 02, 2010 / Posted by Muhammad Danny /

The clock shows 11.38pm..

I'm in my room alone as the others are with their respective computer/laptop..

Felt like blogging [in FB] updates for my working life.

2 days back, I had completed 6 months serving Singapore Credit Call Center for HSBC..

A call center environment and also attending Singaporeans as your client is a no way describable here..

There are times I just feel like crying and shout out loud..

There are times I really feel like walking out the building without giving a damn to the compensation..

But there are things stopping me on to do so. What? Is the bond created and established there..

An environment where you have colleagues that are superb-ly fun and supporting..

Frankly speaking, I feel the bored-ness of doing the same thing all day long..

For 7.5 hours, you will be repeating the same thing again and again..

Having said that I never sat down quiet during University time, this is surely killing me..

Its not that the job-scope is difficult, its way to easy answering all the enquiries..

Imagine, they can call just to ask for a number.. Calling in just to ask when its already clearly stated..

Phewh.. Don't they have any better things to do rather than waiting at the line?

Quiting the job? Kinda difficult to decide.. I've a few interview that I've declined..

I feel easy having part of the management that are friendly..

Not to forget my Trainer's and also Mentor's [will never forget this 4 people]..

The only thing that I enjoy while working now is when I need to do calculation..

When they call in to argue why are they being charged..

When they try to deny the fact that the are in the wrong..

I have to admit there are times a loss my patience..

You start to be sarcastic and also cynical..

But then, calls are recorded! There's always a limitation on what we do..

Will I go if I get a better job? Too early to decide..

At this point of time, I just don't see myself in a call center environment..

I really love to run with a walkie talkie and being scolded straight at the face..

Head sets and tele-communication is not my cup of tea..

How about things I like and appreciate there?

Getting a part is just part of life..

It might be an end to a friendship.. And also a start to a new journey..

What comes has to go.. Nothing remains forever.. This is life cycle..

Just hope not to give any 24-hours notice to tender..

Will like to walkout the building with dignity..

If you come in clean, you go out clean..

If they had welcomed you, make sure they say goodbye as well..



Comment by wAnIe on December 3, 2010 at 5:37 PM

be strong dany..i know u can do it..;)

Anonymous on February 4, 2011 at 10:57 PM

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