Parliament 10th December 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008 / Posted by Muhammad Danny /

7.38pm.. JAKSA Office..

Went to Parliament yesterday..
It was for the AUKU amendment, 2nd reading perhaps..
We arrived there 8.30am..
The best thing was, we aited for 3 hours before we were allowed to enter the building..
A group of Japanese delegate had actually filled in the space..

12.oopm, we were in the hall..
Was quite bored as the Minister was speaking on economics..
I hate economics s much..
The best part was on the debate process.. Q and A was great..
Indera Mahkota and Kuala Selangor was boring..
Machang stood up and spoke but the history of tax..
He spoke a bit about Tok Janggut and so on..
A history graduate maybe.. LOL..

After lunch, we entered the hall as usual..
The debate on economics were still on..
Fana was asleep then.. Lol.
Moments after that, we saw Datuk Mukhriz..
He look at us, I smiled and he smiled too..
Then Fana came out with an idea yo aproach Datuk regarding our prob..
I first object as its too kamikaze..

Than, I agreed as this is the only chance..
I told my self, "Danny, peluang tak datang selalu.. Decide Danny! Do or regret?"
Than, we planned wat to do..
We came to a conclusion of changing our seat to the bottom level as it would be easier to approch Datuk..
While we were outside planning what to say, I took a minute to the gents..
When I came back, Fana told me that we will be meeting Datuk in a moment..
My heart was so fast thinking that I'm not prepared at all..
Without any materials and papers to show Datuk..

Then we were brought too meet Datuk at the Parliament Lobby..
He greeted us well and we sat together at the Ministers lounge..
We told him our problems so and so..
He listened and gave us a hope..
He questioned a few things made us confident that he is intrested in helping..
He gave us his email add..
Hope that would help..
"Datuk, you are our last hope. Its all about dignity now. Failure is no way"..

Then, at 4.00 pm..
AUKU started.. While the minister was reading his text, Azmin Ali entered the hall..
He hand in a note to the YDP thru the Bentara..
Then Bandar Tun Razak entered the hall..
The YDP stopped Khaled Nordin and said he would continue with AUKU at 5.30pm..

Azmin Ali brought a motion regarding the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide..
He was great and loud in voicing out his point..
He has the facts and emotions of his people with him..
While enjoying his speech, I started too hate him..
He started to blame BN and also criticized Khir Toyo..
A few times he asked "Siapa Menteri Besar Selangor tahun 2000 hingga 2008?".
He repeated those question a few times..

As for me, why look back on history at this time..
Think of a conclusion for your people..
Dont blame others now..
You can go on telling the Hall that PR is good and so on..
But than, you are just being stupid on voicing iut that view..

We left the Parliament at 5.30 pm..
So tired that made me sleep all day long..
It was from 6.30pm-2.00am..
4.00am-1.00pm.. Hahah..



Comment by nn on December 23, 2008 at 2:48 AM

I agree that PR shuudnt have blamed BN for the landslide.
having said that, many BN leaders blamed the present admin of Slgor regarding this issue. conclusion: both sides have the same attitude, just blaming the other party.
I guess, it was a blessing in disguise for BN; losing in Selangor. At least, they dont have to deal with all the mess theyve made in the first place.

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