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Took it from Mahathir Mohamad; An Illustrated Biography..

Its 7.34pm rite now..
Just came back from Carrefour for a meal with my family..
Was browsing the books and found out about this book..
It was about Tun Mahathir..
From the day he was born till he step down as the 4th Prime Minister..

This book somehow touched my heart when I learnt a few things about leadership..
I may not be as good as my friends who reads motivational novels..
They can be reading one after another..
Lending and borrowing from each other..
But than, they never apply it in daily life..
Pitty them...

While reading, I found this word..
He(Tun) believes every person has weaknesses and is capable of making mistakes. But they too have their good points. If, as Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir was easily influenced, then it is possible that he would have reshuffled his cabinet every month.

These statement actually made me realised,
that every person has their own pro's n contras..
Its on me my self to counter their weakness..
And fully utilized their advantages..
Never jump too an early conclusion if a problems does occur..
Think and choose the best solution in dealing with it..

When faced with any political problem, he would
..remember his medical lessons and trainings,
..when treating a patient, he was trained to observe the patient, take note of their patient's history, physical examinations,
..and conduct special examinations to find out the type of illness suffered by the patient, and then,
..decide on the most likely diagnosis and treatment required.

Those were Tun's method in handling problems..
Will try to apply it in my daily life as a leader..

Tun felt hurt by unjustified or unsubstantiated criticisms.
On the other hand, he believed that constructive criticism was good for everyone..

I am very sure that being a leader is about being criticized..
Your deeds are not being praised..
At the other hand, your mistakes are being parade..
I've been through those scenario all these days..

The difference between a leader and critic is that,
..a leader has to make decisions, abide by his decisions and face the consequences of his decisions, whereas,
..a critic only pours criticism without bearing any responsibility..

So, in being a leader, always be ready to tackle criticism..
Accept and improvise..
Never reject totally as it somehow would bring a change in your system..

Basiclly, in being a leader, there are 1001 things to think off..
Family, education, responsibility, personal, feelings, hearts and even friends..
Friends?? What for?? They meant nothing to you..
Totally wrong..
I do believe that in being a leader, the most supportive person would be your friend..
Being there when you are in pain and also joy..

If Tun has Hasmah by his side..
I have mine by my side.. Who?? Malu plak(hkhk)..

If Tun has his Cabinets..
I have my JAKSA's with me..

If Tun has his bodyguards with him..
I have my friends with me all the time..
Too keep my safe and secured all the time..

I do believe, that Leadership isn't only for organisation..
But also should be applied in relationships..
Its how you tackle with problems when it occurs..
A silly mistake would tarnished the whole friendship..

A good friend of me told me that,
process of learning makes us a better person..
So, in going thru this life, problems would just occur..
But than, the end would justify the hardship.. Hopefully..

To those outside there who wants to be a leader..
Think twice or maybe more..
Its not about being glamour and well-knowned..
Its about responsibility and honoured that are being vested to you..

Dont look for friends who you think is capable in helping you..
It would come as your time goes on..
Searching will only lead to frustration..

p/s: will be a good leader for the final term next semester..

Salam and regards..


Comment by farhanasumiran on December 14, 2008 at 1:10 AM

if tun has hasmah by his side,u plak??

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